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Marija Mihailova

Marija Mihailova
Marija Mihailova
Molekulinė biologė, biotechnologė

Molekulinė biologė, biotechnologė


In 2002, received master's degree in biology, specialty "Molecular Biology", at Latvian University. In 2008, graduated from Latvian University with doctor’s degree in molecular biology.

Profesinė raida

From 2002 to 2005, worked at the Institute of Virology of the University Hospital of Duisburg-Essen. In 2011, received practical experience and skills in flow cytometry at the same institute. Attended various international schools for young scientists in the field of immunology, biotechnology and molecular biology. Actively participates in scientific conferences, seminars and courses.
Member of the Latvian Biochemical Society since 2000.

Informacija pacientams

Twenty-year experience in scientific researches in the field of molecular biology. Winner of various scientific awards. Co-author of several scientific publications.

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